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My father-in-law had cancer and lived in a house with a wonderful view of the sea. He was adamant that he wanted to stay at home to die with my mother-in-law. Pol Care provided the most wonderful service. They always answered the phone when I called, not the dreaded answer phone or having to press lots of buttons and being told that my call is important by a recorded voice.
The carers that came were all very kind and professional and we felt at ease with them coming and going through the day and night. They gave him dignified and gentle personal care. They were practical and tactful as the situation was far from ideal in terms of working space for them. He died peacefully yesterday morning with his wife holding his hand in the house that he loved. I can't thank them enough.     - July 2023

Hello Karon

I’ve completed the form and submitted it. i don't know whether you get to see it so I’ve copied and pasted it below. 

Feel free to use it as a review for Pol Care if that's appropriate. I left out any names so I hope that’s right. I wasn’t sure whether you wanted me to identify individuals but  without names it means it can be used publicly if you would like to do so. 

Pol Community Care cared brilliantly for my Dad at home for the final 18 months of his life until he passed away on January 6th this year. 

They initially took the time to meet with my Mum to establish Dad’s care needs thoroughly and produce an appropriate care plan, including any support that Mum was unaware of that would be available to her to help provide for his care. They reviewed and adapted the level of his care appropriately, liaising with other proffessionals, as his needs changed over the months, so that Mum was able to continue to keep Dad at home as they both wanted.

Initially Dad received help from one carer daily with his morning personal care routine, showering, shaving and dressing. This was always done with cheery good humour, even on the days when Dad was less than co-operative. They could often be heard singing and laughing with him and encouraging him to keep his spirits up. This was also a big help to Mum. This progressed to morning and evening care and included a lot of help and use of equipment to transfer Dad between bed and his day time chair and an increasing level of personal care as Dad became less able to cope. 

 Dad was totally bed bound for the final 7 months of his life and Pol took over all of his physical and personal care with two carers visiting four times daily. Dad struggled to accept the personal consequences of being confined to bed initially, but thanks to the kind perseverance of the carers, he was able to adapt and cope with his situation better. They strived to maintain his personal dignity at all times which made a big difference to Dad, who was a proud man.  He still occasionally had days where he was less than co operative, but the carers maintained their good humour They often needed to encourage him patiently to spit out his toothpaste water even when he seemed determined to keep it in his mouth indefinitely! It was the only thing he felt he had any control over and they understood this.

They remained attentive, kind, cheerful and supportive to both Dad and Mum and also provided twice weekly respite time for Mum who was otherwise totally housebound by Dad’s situation. 

As Dad’s health deteriorated they were there for Mum on many occasions to advise and support her and genuinely seemed to care for both Dad and Mum. They frequently liaised with other care agencies to ensure that the correct equipment and medical professionals were called upon promptly when they were needed. They assisted Mum throughout with their kindness, knowledge, experience and empathy, helping her to navigate through such a difficult time. 

Dad was cared for expertly with good humour and attentiveness. The carers understood Dad’s ways and knew how to manage him if he was having a difficult day.  He enjoyed the interaction he had with his carers and usually had a smile for them right to the end of his life. He was always kept as clean and comfortable as possible and remained free of any bed sores even though he was confined to bed for so many months.


We are extremely grateful to Pol Care for their limitless understanding, caring and attentive expertise. They went the extra mile for Dad and for Mum and made it possible for Dad to stay at home and remain as comfortable as possible to the end of his life. 


Thank you all once more for everything you have done to support our family through the most difficult of times. 


Kind regards and best wishes to you all.                                                            Thursday 16th February 2023.


Hi Karon,

Firstly, I want to say what a good job your carers did in supporting me while I was on holiday.  Their help was a crucial element in making the difference between a good break and a great  break.  Please pass on my thanks  You have very skilled and accomplished carers, who help make Pol Community Care a quality small agency, I hope it continues to flourish.

Best wishes.


"You are a wonderful company, very professional, all your girls are lovely and very caring"

"I'm writing to thank you for all the care my mother received in the last days of her life, your carer was excellent and couldn't have done more"

Dear Pol Community Care

Thank you so much for all the love, care and support you and all your carers gave all of us, and particularly Dad, during his final days.

I know that he was particularly grateful to be upstairs, at home, it made all the difference to both him and mum, I really value the standard of care you provide, and greatly appreciate the respect and sensitivity with which Dad was treated.

Your wonderful carers treated Dad with gentleness and dignity, maintaining a combination of warmth and professionalism at all times, and thank you for all your practical support you gave us - going well beyond the call of duty.

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